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Probably the first line of defense against outside intrusion in any network, from your home to an Enterprise level WAN or Wide Area Network, is a "firewall". What is a "firewall"? A firewall is a device that controls access between networks that consists of IP-based gateways and filters. The most common firewall in residential use is the router that comes with your DSL line or cable modem. These devices filter what traffic will be allowed through various ports or entry and exit points on the router to your computer from the Internet.

As networks become more sophisticated and mission critical, additional levels and types of security and encryption levels are added to assure multiple levels of protection to the users on the network. This type of security equipment will examine each individual packet of information for specific characteristics and permssions in order to allow it to pass through the filters and arrive at your computer. Conversely, the same is true about unwanted intrusion by outsiders. They are blocked by the router and rejected.

What Else?

Another level of security is typically on the server or end user device, e.g. a PC or laptop. Antivirus programs and anti malware programs are available commercially and the software's job is to identify unwanted spyware, trojan horses, worms, bots, zombies, and viruses from infecting your computer and others in your network. The same is true for email and a variety of spam and antivirus filters. Did you know that about 70-80% of all the email destined for your email box is either junk or poses a potential threat to your machine?.

So why bother? Well, infections from viruses and malware alone can range from the annoying to downright expensive. The level of sophistication of this type of malware has grown world-wide to lucrative criminal cyber crime. Two examples are capture of credit card and bank account data via spyware and a launch of "denial of service" attacks used to extort money or concessions. This has become such a serious international problem, that the United States government has a full time department and web site on Computer Crime and Intellectual Property. Check it out:

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Any reputable Managed Hosting Service provider should standardly provide all these levels of protection to its customer. Out of the Blue Soltuions utilizes the latest technology in hardware and software to assure its customers are free from outside intrusion.