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Out of the Blue Solutions started this business long before most of the other hosting companies out there even existed. We are the experts you are looking for - without all the hype and fluff - No "hidden or one-time" fees - OOTBS is who you need.

One LOW Fixed Monthly Cost - Over 14 years experience specializing in small business Managed Hosting solutions - Reliable state of the art hardware & software costs - Knowledgeable Sr level seasoned tech support - all included with OOTBS.

Don't be fooled by those great "come-on" prices, by trendy new buzz words or too-good-to-be-true SLA's, those made-to-fit-every-company solutions being "pushed" out there today. With OOTBS you get what you need, at a flat price you can afford.

  • Business Planning

    Contact us today for your FREE quote. Let us earn your business by customizing a specific solution for you.

  • Enterprise Services

    SAVE $$ - we lease Microsoft™ Office™, Exchange™, SQL Server™, SharePoint™, and more. Use only what you need.


  • Managed Hosting Solutions

    Be Careful - Other vendors might be selling you "co-location" or even just plain (unmanaged) DIY hosting.....

  • Data Center

    Your data and applications secure and available whenever you need them 24/7/365.....

  • Small Business Solutions

    Stupendous service and Affordably priced Managed Hosting is where we start.....

  • Backup and Security

    FREE nightly backup, system environment consistently monitored to prevent Viruses, malware, trojans, and annoying bugs that can ruin your day, your data, your revenues.....