Cloud50™ Computing

Out of the Blue Solutions has been in the cloud hosting business for over twelve years.

Five years ago, cloud computing was called hosting. Today it's simply remote severs being accessed over the Internet through web-based portals and applications. Cloud computing is the delivery of computing as a service rather than a product.

Cloud-based computing has become a part of our lives through products as common as GMail™ to more complex cloud hosting of personal pictures and music to applications and personal information. Recently, Apple introduced the iCloud™ which allows users with any Apple device to share all their files, music, and pictures across the internet to any other authorized personal device.

Out of the Blue Solutions offers managed hosting through the cloud too. We call our product Cloud50™, which allows businesses to access all corporate data seamlessly from wherever they are, any time, day or night, 365 days a year. Data can be accessed through desktop computers, smart terminals, iPads, and most smart phones. What could be easier?

The true cloud computing model allows users to access data and applications for a short term period or as a permanent solution. Your data and applications are stored in a military grade secure environment, with redundant power and backup systems so you never have to worry about losing an important document or presentation. Our firewalls and antivirus protection are the insurance you need to keep both outside intruders away from your private business information, but also prevent malware, spyware, and viruses from ruining your hardware.

Cloud50™ is affordable, easy to install, scalable, and hassle-free. We have over 12 years expertise in hosting SQL based products, data mining, health care applications, financial software like QuickBooks™ or Great Plains™, the Sage ERP family of products, or any other industry-specific applications you may use. Since we are a Microsoft SPLA, OOTBS can lease you any application or operating systems Microsoft provides, saving you big on products like Microsoft Office™, Exchange™, or SharePoint™.

But don't believe us? Read for yourself about the cloud: Wikipedia-Cloud Computing


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