About Us

Out of the Blue Solutions provides managed hosting services for our clients on an as needed basis, giving them the same advantages as having their own in-house IT department, without the enormous overhead costs.

The benefits to our customers? We do IT right the first time. With over 14 years experience being small business Managed Hosting Solution specialists, OOTBS makes available all the servers, software / licensing, workstations, networking, troubleshooting and tech expertise - what you need when you need it - with easy additions or deletions of service as your business model changes.

Customer service is # 1 at OOTBS - our Sr. level tech support staff is always available. We can be your entire IT department, or we can free up your current IT staff for other more profitable duties. Either way, you win.

Reinvest your valuable Capital (no longer needed for IT) and your even more valuable Time back into growing your business. Contact us at (800) 905-0698 or customerservice@ootbs.com for your FREE "no-hassle" solution quote today.

Our Founders

The OOTBS team is spearheaded by our founders Wilbert J. Pariguana (President/CEO) and John S. Massey who have combined over 30 years of IT technical and business operations experience and knowledge.

Mr. Pariguana's experience spans over 20 years; covering programming, software applications, data mining, development and creative engineering. He also contributes his innovative, entrepreneurial skill set which further enhances the business aspects of the company.

From LAN/WAN expertise to systems design, programming, and data center integration, Wilbert is always dedicated to mastering cutting edge technologies and tailoring innovative solutions to each OOTBS customer and leading our technical teams in new, innovative directions. Wilbert is also involved with the day-to-day business aspects, as well as assisting in current Research and Development projects of our companies.

Mr. Massey has a Bachelor in Science and Masters of Science from the University of Cincinnati. He has worked as a Community Health Planner, a Hospital Administrator, and a Medicare certified Home Health Administrator. He was an IT Director for one of the nation's largest physician practice management corporations and several other IT-based companies.

Our Mission

Since the year 2000, when we formed this corporation, we have dedicated ourselves to not only providing expert, quality services to our customers, but also to treat our employees with respect and as partners.

We share profits in such a way that it makes our workplace an enjoyable and rewarding environment where employees are valued for their contributions to the success of our company.

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