Managed Hosting Services

What Is Managed Hosting Services?

The answer to this question really depends on who you're talking to. First, we should tell you what it's not. With a lot of our competition, what is called managed hosting is really more aptly called "co-location" or just plain hosting. Co-Location is using someone else's equipment (or your own), new or used, and housing it in a Data Center. You have access to those pieces of equipment for a monthly hosting fee. If anything goes wrong, it's basically your problem. The hosting company is there to provide you with a machine and access to it.

Of course you can get a very expensive engineer on the phone to help you...but that's extra. Even if you do, most times, you have to wade through several layers of tech support before you get anyone who know's what they're doing. Some companies supply really impressive "dashboards" so that you, the customer can access important information, like how your server is running, all kinds of statistical information, mostly irrelevant, how much bandwidth your company is using, and how much disk space you've used. While that is important to IT people, the average business person would rather be playing golf, or more importantly, running their business.

True Managed Hosting is comprised of a secure data center with state-of-the-art equipment supplied by the vendor. Your Enterprise is "managed" that is, all your applications, your data, your company's information is arranged the way you want, and backed up, and securely transmitted to your end users. Your printers and peripherals are set up and managed by the company you contract with, and most importantly, you get personalized and specialized service from technicians who have the experience and know how to solve your problems quickly. You may even need specialized applications like email or collaborative, file sharing programs like Microsoft ™ SharePoint. That's what we do.


There is no point in hosting your data if it is vulnerable to outside hackers or other types of intrusion. An integral part of our Managed Hosting is assuring your data is kept confidential, virus and malware proof, and controlled with military-grade encryption to avoid unauthorized use or access to your information. Our redundant public and internal firewalls only permit traffic that is authorized by you. A secondary level of intrusion protection can be the addition of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) which creates a private, highly encrypted "tunnel" through the internet that only you and the designated recipients have access to. (recommended) More on Security...


Growth in data has become exponential over the past decade and remains one of the greatest challenges of IT. As software programs and hardware devices get more sophisticated, storage and protection of images, spreadsheets, documents, and raw database information has become a daunting task. Today a Terabyte of information is not uncommon in a shared network environment. Small businesses are finding it harder and harder to store, backup and archive the constant stream of information that is growing on their networks. Your Managed Hosting provider must supply a reliable, secure and inexpensive solution to your information storage concerns.

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